Newest Tumbleweed iso fails to install on G5

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Newest Tumbleweed iso fails to install on G5

Larry Stotler
I recently acquired an original Powermac G5 (7,2) dual 2.0Ghz system.
Ram has been upgraded to 8GB.  I have a 250GB hard drive installed.

I have been unable to install a working system.  YaST originally
refused to partition my disk because it had a GPT table.  So I used
this guide:

pdisk reports 5 partitions:

1.  Apple_partition_Map
2.  Apple_bootstrap
3.  Linux (/boot)
4.  Linux_Swap
5.  Linux (/)

However, I get a segmentation fault when I run pdisk -l

When I edit the partition setup in YaST, I get the following error:

Warning: Some subvolumes of the root filesystem are shadowed by mount
points of other filesystem.  This could lead to problems.

Evidently, it creates a subvolume boot/grub2/powerpc-ieee1275 on
device /dev/sda5

When I get to the installation Settings screen I get the following error:


Internal error.  Please report a bug report with logs.
Details: there is no prep partition
Caller: /usr/share/YaST2/lib/bootloader/ 'propose_ppc'


Internal error.  Please report a bug with logs.
Details: undefined method '[]' for false:FalseClass
Caller: /user/share/YaST2/lib/installation/proposal_runner.rb:437:in
'block in make_proposal'

Calling the YaST modeule inst_proposal has failed
More information can be found near the end of the 'var/log/YaST2/' directory

This is worth reporting a bug at
Please, attach also all YaST logs stored in the 'var/log/YaST2/' directory
See for more information about YaST logs.

Any suggestions?
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