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New version of susedoc (4.2_20070813)

Thomas Schraitle-2

the last update took me longer than expected. Here is a new version of
our XML build environment susedoc. These are the changes of the
latest release:

XSLT Stylesheets:
* Rewrote some parts of desktop/docbook.xsl for generating .desktop
files (generally, interesting for packagers only)
* Language corrections from Patrick Tinley and Nikolay Derkach
* Applied smaller font size for legal text for stylesheets in
directories "fo" and "flyer"

See /usr/share/susedoc/xslt/ChangeLog for detailed information

Makefile Mechanic:
* Integrated dia and added conversion dia -> svg.
  Use LANG=C for dia to avoid some language problems
* Improved make clean to remove images
* Fixed bigfile creation

Please update the susedoc RPM with your favorite installation tool
(YaST, zypper, smart, ...). In case you use YaST and haven't added the
respective repository, read [1] to add it.

If you want to download the RPM package manually, find it under [2].
Choose your distribution and select "noarch". Look for



Thomas Schraitle

SUSE LINUX GmbH      >o)   Documentation Specialist
Maxfeldstrasse 5     /\\  
90409 Nuernberg     _\_v
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