New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170215 released!

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New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170215 released!

Dominique Leuenberger

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
  MozillaThunderbird (45.7.0 -> 45.7.1)
  PackageKit-Qt (0.9.5 -> 0.9.6)
  calligra (2.9.11 ->
  fcitx-configtool (0.4.8 -> 0.4.9)
  fcitx-libpinyin (0.4.1 -> 0.5.0)
  fcitx-qt5 (1.0.6 -> 1.1.0)
  kcm5-fcitx (0.5.3 -> 0.5.4)
  perl-Moose (2.2001 -> 2.2004)
  python3-kiwi (9.0.2 -> 9.1.0)
  spec-cleaner (0.9.1 -> 0.9.2)
  vim (8.0.311 -> 8.0.324)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaThunderbird ====
Version update (45.7.0 -> 45.7.1)
Subpackages: MozillaThunderbird-translations-common

- update to Thunderbird 45.7.1
  * fixed Crash when viewing certain IMAP messages (introduced in 45.7.0)

==== PackageKit-Qt ====
Version update (0.9.5 -> 0.9.6)

- Update to version 0.9.6:
  + Features:
  - Use Qt 5 by default.
  - Drop Qt4 support from PK-Qt.
  - Make use of QLoggingCategory packagekitqt.
  - Change default visibility to hidden.
  - Require at least Qt 5.6.
  + Bugfixes:
  - Fix compilation with strict QString() constructors on a host
  - Move enumTo/FromString code from header to cpp file.
  - No need to have random files marked as executable.
  - Reduce changes between QString <-> QByteArray.
  - Properly expose enums for introspection.
- Remove multi-spec handling: only PackageKit-Qt is now built. The
  former PackageKit-Qt5 assumes the identify of PK-Qt now.
  + Obsolete/Provide PackageKit-Qt5-devel by Pk-Qt-devel. There is
    no extra handling needed for the library subpackage.

==== calligra ====
Version update (2.9.11 ->
Subpackages: calligra-extras-dolphin calligra-stage

- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
- Add back Vc-devel-static build requirement, calligra does
  support 1.3.0 meanwhile that is in Factory
- Update to version
  * Frameworks based version of Calligra
  * Tarball also includes translationes
- No further Changelog available
- Drop patches no longer required:
  * adapt-to-libwps-0.4.patch
  * narrowing-warning.patch

==== evolution ====
Subpackages: evolution-plugin-bogofilter evolution-plugin-pst-import evolution-plugin-spamassassin

- Add evolution-contact-list-performance.patch: improve
  performance with very large contact lists (bsc#990206

==== fcitx-configtool ====
Version update (0.4.8 -> 0.4.9)

- update version 0.4.9
  * shouldn't create dummy config when cfdesc doesn't exist
  * remove usage of some deprecated gtk3 functions and bump
    requirement to 3.12
  * add qt5 wrapper support to use qt5's webengine since qt4's
    webkiti is no longer maintained upstream
- add patch: fcitx-configtool-0.4.9-for-loop-init-declaration-c99.patch
  * for loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 mode

==== fcitx-libpinyin ====
Version update (0.4.1 -> 0.5.0)

- update version 0.5.0
  * port dictmanager to qt5
- add dictmanager-qt5.4.patch
  * downgrade qt5 requirement to 5.4 since qtwebengine is available
    at 5.4
- add fcitx-libpinyin-linking.patch
  * linking against fcitx

==== fcitx-qt5 ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.1.0)

- update version 1.1.0
  * added guiwrapper for fcitx-qt5
  * fix build and add support for webengine

==== kcm5-fcitx ====
Version update (0.5.3 -> 0.5.4)
Subpackages: kf5-kcm-fcitx kf5-kcm-fcitx-icons

- update version 0.5.4
  * use gui wrapper instead of embed.

==== perl-Moose ====
Version update (2.2001 -> 2.2004)

- updated to 2.2004
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2004   2017-01-31
  - When an attribute was specified as 'rw' and you also provided an accessor
    name matching the attribute and there was an explicit writer, Moose would
    try to make an additional reader access with the same name as the
    attribute. Then Moose would warn about overwriting an accessor with a
    reader. This is related to the bugs reported in RT #120040.
  2.2003   2017-01-30
  - Moose could die when attempting to warn about overwriting an attribute's
    access method in some cases (since version 2.1902) (RT #120040)
  2.2002   2017-01-30
  - Creating a Moose subclass of a Moo class with an attribute with a
    delegation would cause a warning (since version 2.1902).

==== python3-kiwi ====
Version update (9.0.2 -> 9.1.0)
Subpackages: kiwi-pxeboot kiwi-tools

- Bump version: 9.0.2 ? 9.1.0
- Implement handling for efipartsize
- Decrease default EFI partition size to 20MB
  The former default of 200MB was way too large and is a
  waste of space. Related to Issue #237
- Added efipartsize attribute in type setup
  The attribute allows to specify a custom size for the
  EFI partition. Fixes #237
- Allow bootloader="custom" for bootloader attribute
  If specified as such the bootloader configuration and
  installation will be skipped. However the editbootinstall
  and editbootconfig scripts will still be called. This
  Fixes #235
- Fixed create_repository_solvable
  If the solvable already exists, the method should return it
- Added handling for spare_part attribute
  Add a spare partition right before the root partition of
  the configured size. Fixes #234
- Added new type attribute spare_part
  spare_part receives a size value with an optional unit (M|G)
  and is used for disk images to allow the creaton of a spare
  partition of the configured size. Issue #234
- Delete all traces of vboot firmware
  The vboot firmware setup was a workaround on arm for the
  chromebook platform several years ago. From a todays
  perspective the setup and the way to boot would be different
  and obsoletes the special case implementation. Thus this
  is gone now. Related to Issue #234
- Prevent quoted domain name in dhclientImportInfo
  We're getting domain name by parsion a lease file. Unfortunately in
  lease file domain name is quoted, which breaks linux resolver.
  This commit gets domainname unquoted
- Add manual page for image info command
- Added kiwi image info command
  Allow to list information about the image description.
  In a first implementation one can show the image name
  as well as run a dependency resolution for the packages
  listed in the XML description

==== spec-cleaner ====
Version update (0.9.1 -> 0.9.2)

- Version update to 0.9.2:
  * More minimal fixes
  * Add option to keep vertical space in preamble if desired

==== vim ====
Version update (8.0.311 -> 8.0.324)
Subpackages: gvim vim-data

- Updated to revision 324, fixes the following problems
  * When a json message arrives in pieces, the start is dropped and the
    decoding fails.
  * Not enough testing for GUI functionality.
  * getcmdtype(), getcmdpos() and getcmdline() are not tested.
  * ":help :[range]" does not work. (Tony Mechelynck)
  * ":help z?" does not work. (Pavol Juhas)
  * No test for setting 'guifont'.
  * Small mistake in 7x13 font name.
  * Insert mode completion does not respect "start" in 'backspace'.
  * Warning for unused variable with small build.
  * When using the tiny version trying to load the matchit plugin gives an
    error. On MS-Windows some default mappings fail.
  * Possible overflow with spell file where the tree length is corrupted.
    CVE-2017-5953 bsc#1024724
  * When running the command line tests there is a one second wait.
  * Illegal memory access with "1;y".

==== xorg-x11-server ====
Subpackages: xorg-x11-server-extra xorg-x11-server-sdk

- U_xfree86-Take-the-input-lock-for-xf86RecolorCursor.patch
  * fixes random crashes in X in multihead mode if one of the
    monitors is vertically oriented (bnc #1023845)
- N_driver-autoconfig.diff:
  No longer try to load "amdgpu" DDX by default for all GPUs with
  ATI vendor ID; this is now handled instead by an "OutputClass"
  section via kernel driver match, which has been added as config
  file to xf86-video-amdgpu driver package (bnc#1023385)

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