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New Global Coordinator Localization

Sarah Julia Kriesch
Dear Translators,

as announced, I want to switch from Translations to Z development inside of openSUSE.
Therefore, I am looking for a following Global Coordinator Localization for this team.

Will will communicate with our Release Managers for Leap and Tumbleweed because of translation deadlines or other translation coordination tasks.
You can receive an example overview of tasks for a Leap release here:[]=status_id&op[status_id]=c&f[]=tracker_id&op[tracker_id]=%3D&v[tracker_id][]=4&f[]=assigned_to_id&op[assigned_to_id]=%3D&v[assigned_to_id][]=187&f[]=&c[]=subject&c[]=project&c[]=status&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=fixed_version&c[]=is_private&c[]=due_date&c[]=relations&group_by=assigned_to&t[]=

Additionally, you are the person first to contact on this mailing list because of the coordination.
You communicate with the Translation Project Manager at SUSE in the case of issues with paid Translators or organizational things in cooperation with SLE.
You are looking for open translation bugs in Bugzilla and forward them to Translators of special languages.
You have got an eye on translation updates before the Leap release.

I don't let you alone with this new role in the next months! I will have a look that all can run continuously smoothly and that you can receive a good overview of all.
If you are interested in this position, then answer on this email with a short overview of yourself.

In the case of multiple candidates, we will organize a meeting and create an election inside of our team then.

Best regards,
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