Need help with the failure of "build"

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Need help with the failure of "build"

Dave Plater lst
Hi, I've limited internet bandwidth so I can't use osc build, I normally
survive with reading online build logs to find problems. Now I've a
problem with kicad-docs where a dependency causes a failure but it
passes on my local machine. To fix this I'm using "build" direct with my
local /var/cache/zypp/packages and the dvd image as the main repos and
the update and oss online repos for anything that's not cached.

I get a failure after the packages are downloaded when the system is
supposed to be installed:

[   73s] [1/29] preinstalling filesystem...
[   73s] error: open of build-root/.init_b_cache/rpms/filesystem.rpm
failed: No such file or directory
[   73s] rpm2cpio: build-root/.init_b_cache/rpms/filesystem.rpm: No such
file or directory
[   73s] [2/29] preinstalling glibc...
[   73s] /usr/lib/build/init_buildsystem: line 218: cd: build-root: No
such file or directory

"build-root" is the buildroot specified by "--root build-root".

My command line is:

build --repo /var/cache/zypp/packages/ --repo /data/packages/RPMS/
--repo /mnt --repo --repo 
--root build-root SPECS/kicad-doc.spec

My rpmbuild setup points to /data/packages which contains the SPECS,
BUILDROOT etc directories due to my root filesystem being on one partition.

/etc/rpm/macros.local contains the lines:

%vendor "davepl@Arbuthnot"
%_topdir    /data/packages


Dave Plater

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