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Need help with install issue

Hello, I am trying to install OpenSuse on a new system, and everything
seems perfect up to the very end, when I have configured the system and
setup my user account. The system tells me it is time to restart the
system and then I will be able to login and begin using linux. I click ok,
and then the monitor flickered and went black, as what I assume is the
welcome sound tried to play but was cut short. Then the hard drive light
flickers occasionally, and the monitor power light flashes from amber to
green, which I've neve seen before.
After waiting for 20 minutes, I did a reboot via the reset button, and
then the computer loads the bios and as soon as it tries to boot from the
HD, all I get is a single beep and then the system hangs.
I tried doing the automated repair option from the linux disk, but it
never fixes the problem. I went through the entire installation process
again, and the same result, when it is time to reboot and login, the
system basically dies- the only difference is that the welcome sound
didn't try to play after the second install.
My system is only a month old, an Asus motherboard with a new AMD MX2 4200
processor, and a new Nvidia graphics card (4700, with 512 megs). I have 1
gig of ram, and was running WinXp Pro successfully- but now it won't boot
I tried fixing the MBR in the Windows repair mode, but it did nothing I
can detect. My next guess is that I will have to edit the boot.ini file,
but I read about the grub file as well, and I'm wondering which takes
priority during the initial boot phase.
I am brand new to Linux (probably obvious), and need to figure out how to
have a succesful dual-boot system with WinXP and Linux. However, I did all
this right before leaving town for a conference, and it will be a couple
of days before I get back home and can try anything. I am hoping that
someone can point me to some good web resources I can study if nobody has
an immediate answer.
Please help, and thank you in advance!


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