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Mingle Today! openSUSE Connect Released

Henne Vogelsang-2

It all started out with a simple question Pavol Rusnak asked on the
openSUSE Conference ’09

   What are we really doing when we develop a new tool to handle
   openSUSE users and groups?

The answer was simple: Connecting people to projects, groups and with
each other. Connecting faces to names, nicknames and to email addresses.
In the end connecting all our other tools to this one so we can share
the data. These are the fundamental ideas behind our newest openSUSE
tool: connect - http://connect.opensuse.org.

In the following months the openSUSE Boosters and friends started to
work on this tool based on Elgg.org. An open source social networking
engine, that delivers the building blocks that enable us to create our
own fully-featured social network. And today we release it to you, the
openSUSE Community.

Read on at openSUSE News to learn more about connect and enjoy this new
addition to the family of openSUSE tools


…and don’t forget to mingle! Today!

Your openSUSE Project

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