Massive problem with automatic formatting of spec file

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Massive problem with automatic formatting of spec file

Johannes Weberhofer-2
I didn't care much on the discussions about the problems with the automatic formatting of spec-files up to today. In all projects maintained by me the spec-cleaner is regulary used and am very glad it helps me creating a consistent and easy to read format within my files.

BUT today I tried to fix a problem which came up trying to build first PHP7 pear packages. I branched the php7 development project and changed a SINGLE LINE in the file and adopted the changes file.

Submitting back to the devel:languages:php/php7 project, I now get a diff of 960 lines (see ). I think in general the changes make sense, but no one can review that! I can hardly find the change in the diff (its lines 204-205).

To collaborate, this situation has to be improved.

Have a nice weekend!

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna
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