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Marketing Collaboration Days

Bryen M Yunashko
openSUSE Marketing Collaboration Days

The openSUSE Marketing Team is proud to host Collaboration Days during
the month of December.  Each designated day, we will focus on a
specifc area related to marketing.  The purpose of this is to get some
work done on that topic to strengthen our ability to promote openSUSE
to the world.

It is a day that is meant to be busy and productive for the team as
well as an opportunity for non-team members to stop by and offer their
perspectives and help out as we hack away.  As this is an open
process, we encourage everyone to come join us, even if you are not
directly related to openSUSE.  All perspectives are important and we
welcome you all.

Planned Agenda:

6 December 2010
Ambassador Support Review
(Moderators - Carlos Ribeiro, Kostas Koudaras)

Review existing support materials for Ambassadors and identify key
checkpoint materials such as a checklist for booths.  Review openSUSE
Booth design concepts and strengthen reference materials such as
talking points and developing strong presentation/speaking skills.

13 December 2010
Marketing Materials Review
(Moderators - Chuck Payne, Bryen Yunashko)

Review current posted materials including, but not limtied to,
brochures, slide presentations, talking points, etc.  Strengthen
existing materials and add new materials where needed.  Review
placement on our wiki to ensure material is readily available for all
who need it.

21 December 2010
PR and Social Media Review
(Moderated by Manu Gupta and Jos Poortvliet)

Review our strategy for reaching out to the press/media and our
methods for publicizing through social media outlets including blogs,
Twitter/, Facebook and other online venues.  Document our
methods and ensure we have caretakers for all sites.

How this works:
Think "hackfest."  Each day, the moderators of each event will post a
list of suggested assignments.  You are welcome to select from the
list or create an assignment that you feel you can best contribute to.
 Moderators are there to offer advice and guidance, not to control
what you wish to do.  it is your chance to express yourself freely and

During the Collaboration Day, you will work either on your own or with
partners as you choose.  Occasionally, moderators may host brief
discussion sessions to review the assignments and status.

We meet in the #openSUSE-Marketing IRC channel on Freenode.  That's
where the list will be hosted.  However, you are not expected to put
your full attention onto the channel.  it is just a place to ask
questions and get some advice.  The majority of your time you will
"meet" in your preferred environment where you feel you work best.

Collaboration Days begin at 9:00 UTC and end at 24:00 UTC

It's your day, it's openSUSE's day!  Let's make the most of it!
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