Making a "secretly-built" package be available for buildroots

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Making a "secretly-built" package be available for buildroots

Neal Gompa

I'm trying to have a package set up so that its sources and binaries +
buildlogs are hidden (and isn't published) to be pulled in as a
dependency of another package in another project.

However, when I set up the project with the secret package that way,
it didn't work. Instead, I got unresolvable from packages that pulled
a package that depended on the secret package in the secret project.

The OBS web UI seems to know it's there. What's going on?

I want to be able to have "baz" have sourceaccess and binary download
access disabled, and it's in SecretProject, which is hidden. This is
pulled in by MainProject's package "foo".

Package "bar" depends on "foo" which depends on "baz". OBS says this
is unresolvable. What am I supposed to do to make this work?

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