Lost settings after Plasma update to 20.08.2

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Lost settings after Plasma update to 20.08.2

Vojtěch Zeisek-2
after update to snapshot 20201012 with Plasma 20.08.2 I was experiencing
plenty of graphical flickering in nearly every application. This was solved by
switch from OpenGL to XRender in KDE Control Center. I just wonder why did it
happen. I had been using OpenGL for a while without any issue.
Another issue I noticed was that I lost settings of the text editor part
(Kwrite, Kate, ...), it was reverted do the (new) default state. I had to
again set dark style and some more settings. Also I was surprised that I had
to do the settings in every application using he KDE text component, namely
Kwrite, Kate, Kile and RKWard. It used to work that I changed the editor (menu
Setting | Editor settings) that I changed the settings on one place and it was
applied in all applications using the editor component. I managed it, but
things like that should not happen... ;)

Vojtěch Zeisek

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