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List of global openSUSE Users in Google+

Sascha Manns-3
Hello Mates,

some of you have also heard about the new social Network Google+. Some of them
who knowing also trying this out.

One of the new Features are User generated Lists for Special Interests.

So some People has created:

* Linux User DE for german Linux User:
* Ubuntu User DE for german Ubuntu Users:

So i'm pleased to announce one new List for "us".

You can find our List there:

If you would like to add yourself into this List, just click on the Bottom
"Add members or edit" and use the Password: opensuseusers. Then add your
Profiles URL: e.g. and click on
"Save List".

So we can better find other ppl who sharing our Intersts.

Have a nice day....
Sincerely Yours

Sascha Manns
open-slx Community & Support Agent
openSUSE Membership Comitee
openSUSE Marketing Team

German Community Portal:

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