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Leap Freeze Point

Hi all, this story was published yesterday -  

A few takeaway items you might all be interested in regarding Leap.

61 upgraded packages were in the last snapshot and about a handful  
were fixes made for Leap.

The roadmap for Leap will likely be published next week. It looks like  
the release of Leap will be on Nov. 4 at 14:00 UTC, but some other  
things need to happen before we confirm Nov. 4 officially as the  
release date.

An important date that can be mentioned about Leap right now is Sept.  
20. This is the tentatively the freeze point for items to be included  
in the Leap Beta.

Artwork for Leap like Grub, Plymouth or other items can be submitted  
through github by cloning the Leap-42.1 branch in openSUSE branding  
and submit a pull request to @sysrich. A branch was also started for  
Tumbleweed, so anyone wanting to advance the visual appearance of both  
openSUSE distributions is welcome (links in the article).

All the best

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