Leap 15 going Beta, help test and report bugs!

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Leap 15 going Beta, help test and report bugs!

Ludwig Nussel

Leap 15 finally got a fresh look and with a Plasma 5.12 beta version
the default desktop environment got close to the target version. The
base system also is pretty much complete. There are still two bigger
changes known to be upcoming. One is rpm 4.14 that was only included
in Tumbleweed two weeks ago. The other one is the combined /var
subvolume for fresh installations.

So overall Leap 15 now enters the Beta phase with Build 109.3 that
reached the mirrors on Friday. Everyone is encouraged to download¹
the current builds and help testing. In fact, this announcement was
sent from a Leap 15.0 system already :-)

As with 42.3, Leap 15.0 will also use a rolling development model
until it's final build. That means no concrete milestones but new
builds as soon as openQA² gives a green light. Watch out for
announcements of new builds on the opensuse-factory mailinglist³.

A known issue is, that upgrades from older versions lead to file
conflict errors with renamed packages. So testing should focus on
fresh installs until that is fixed. Also, when installing as dual
boot with Windows on UEFI, the Windows entry may be missing from the
bootloader menu.

Since this is a major update compared to 42, this time even more
testing is required! Please check your your own use case, work
load, software deployment, hardware support etc early so there's a
chance left to get it fixed before the release. To help with that,
live images are in the works and will be announced separately when
Also, please have a look at the test plan⁴ and report your findings
there. Use bugzilla to report bugs⁵. Issues that deserve discussion
in a broader audience should be taken to the opensuse-factory

If you are maintaining a package in Factory that is not in Leap 15
yet, feel free to submit it to openSUSE:Leap:15.0. Contrariwise if
your package ended up in Leap 15 while it shouldn't, please talk to
the release team⁶.

Regarding the schedule, the goal would be to be ready to release in
May. Since the openSUSE conference is there too, it would be a good
opportunity to work together to apply some final polishing.
Especially documentation in the wiki, release notes and
translations. After a bug screening session the decision whether to
release or not would be made at the conference.

With that, the beta phase would last from now until mid April. Bigger
version updates should be done by end of February to leave some time
for testing. The time between mid April until the release should be
used for bug fixing only.


[1] http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/15.0/iso/
[2] https://openqa.opensuse.org/group_overview/50
[3] https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/
[5] https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Submitting_bug_reports
[6] mailto:[hidden email]
[7] I shall limit myself to three footnotes

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  V_/_  http://www.suse.com/
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