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Bruno Friedmann-2
If like we you find that shif+delete on a message lead to that annoying
confirmation box with sound "Do you really want to" and find that there's no
more checkbox "remember that decision", but you would like to have it again
You can refer to this commit

The interesting part is the following :

At least having the hidden setting in 18.08 allows advanced users to set it --
and gives an easy support reply in the bug reports that I anticipate will come
in: "Quit kmail, open ~/.config/kmail2rc, and in the [General] section add

Now I again pick back my productivity on track

Bruno Friedmann
 Ioda-Net Sàrl
 Bareos Partner, openSUSE Member, fsfe supporter
 GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
 irc: tigerfoot

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