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Introducing the new mailinglist server

Henne Vogelsang-2
Hi there,

now that we switched to the new mailinglist server i would like to tell
you about the changes it brings with it. The old mailinglist software
was ezmlm. The new mailinglist software is mlmmj.

1. Adresses

1.1 Command Delimiter
In general all addresses you are used to will still work. The new server
accepts - as well as + as delimiter between the listname and the
command. So <listname>-<command> will still work. But please start to
use the + because i will drop the - in the future.

1.2 subscription
Mailinglist subscription works with the following address:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

the old syntax of


doe _NOT_ work anymore. This is due the changes of subscriber
identification from the 'Return-Path' header to the 'From' header. If
you want to subscribe another address change the 'From' header in your

1.3 subscription to the nomail version of a list
The nomail version of a list means that you are reccognized as a
subscriber, but will not get any messages from the list. This is useful
when it's necessary to post from several emailaddresses to a subscribers
only list or if you read mails from the list elsewhere (gmane).

Subscription works with the following address:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

1.4 subscription to the digest version of a list
A Mailing List Digest combines multiple messages posted to a mailing
list in to a single message. Digests are usually sent once a day and
serve to reduce the number of emails received from a particular mailing

Subscription works with the following address:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

Digest are turned off for all existing lists so you cant subscribe to
them. In the future we might have lists with digests.

1.5 unsubscription
All the addresses above work also for unsubscription.
Just replace subscribe with unsubscribe in them.

1.6 retrieval of messages from the archive
For retrieval of message number N in the archive send a message to the
following address:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

1.7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
For a collection of frequently asked questions about this list send a
message to:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

1.8 Talk to the lists owner
To contact the list owner, send a message to:

* <listname>+[hidden email]

1.9 Reply-To munging
We do not "munge" the mail headers by inserting a "Reply-To:
<listname>" anymore because it makes it more difficult
subscribers to handle the mail the way they want to.  Your mail client
probably has a "reply" function as well as a "reply to all" or "reply to
list" one; Please use the latter if you want you message to go to the
list and not just to the original poster.

1.10 Dropped commands
The following is a list of ezmlm commands we wont support anymore:

* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
* <listname>-[hidden email]
If you desperately need some them please get in contact with me.

2. Webarchive
The webarchive is totally redesigned to match the wiki design and has a
couple of new features.

2.1 Mailbox files for download
Each list is available as mbox file split into months. So if you
unsusbcribe because you go on vacation or whatever there is now an easy
way to get mails from the archive. Just download the mbox file and
import it into your mailer.

2.2 Web-Search
The web-archives now support searching. The index generation is

* for all lists every sunday at 03:00 (GMT)
* for the individual lists every 5 minutes

This is all for now. Have fun with the new setup and if you find
anything wrong then drop me a mail!


Henne Vogelsang, Core Services
"Rules change. The Game remains the same."
                         - Omar (The Wire)