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HylaFAX Client in passive mode

Rui Santos-2

    I've successfully installed HylaFAX on a SuSE10.1 OSS.

    I found out that the HylaFAX protocol is much like the FTP protocol.
It can work in active and passive mode.
    The HylaFAX server is behind a Firewall and, I successfully set the
passive mode using the ip_conntrack_ftp and ip_nat_ftp modules using
port TCP/4559.
    The HylaFAX server is supposed to be able to receive incoming
connections from anywhere in the world from both Windows and Linux
Clients. Here is my problem:

    There are several Windows Clients for HylaFAX but, I found none for
Linux. Does anyone knows of a Linux client that supports passive mode?

    PS: I know that using active mode would be a workaround but, some of
those connections are to be made from a UMTS/WCDMA/GPRS connection  and,
almost all of my local Mobile ISP's have firewalls blocking all incoming

Thanks in advance,

Rui Santos

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