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Highlight of source code in Markdown document

Vojtěch Zeisek-2
if I write document.md in Kate and I type something like

while read L; do mv HybPiper."$L".[eo]* "$L"/; done < samples_list.txt


install.packages(pkgs=c("ape", "ggplot", "gplots", "heatmap.plus",
"ips", "reshape"), lib="rpackages", repos="https://mirrors.nic.cz/R/",

Kate nicely shows syntax highlight for selected language (BTW, much better
than in Notepad++ or Geany:-). When I click on the document.md in Dolphin,
it's opened in Okular. It generally renders well, but for the above source
code blocks it doesn't show any source code highlight, just monospace font. I
wonder if there is any way how to make Okular to display highlighted source
code, if I should open it in something else, or if there is some more
universal way how to get source code highlight in Markdown document.
I also wonder if Okular could display navigation created form headlines (lines
starting by one or more #) as e.g. Geany does this automatically.
Have a nice day,

Vojtěch Zeisek

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