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Hans-Peter Jansen-2

just want to ask for some feedback for a warm golden color scheme, that makes
a refreshing difference to most common cold, and/or dark color schemes:

        Project: home:frispete:Tumbleweed
        Packages: breeze-gold, breeze-gtk-gold

I combine this color scheme with the dark breeze plasma theme and the nice
warmth wallpaper vladstudio_kihot_1600x1200.jpg, that resides in the kdm-
theme-lisa package still.

Just add my repo:

$ zypper ar

and install the gtk color schemes, that depend on breeze-gold:

$ zypper install gtk{2,3}-metatheme-breeze-gold

You should adjust the color scheme, as well as the GNOME/GTK design
accordingly. Don't forget to *disable* the "Apply colors to Non-Qt
applications" in the color settings, in order to make the GTK parts operating

Chrome should be switched to the GTK+ theme, as well as other GTK/Java based
applications, that let you choose the widget style. LO adapts to the breeze-
gold scheme via KF5 integration package automatically.

I already have a wine registry patch, that makes wine applications adapt to
this color scheme as well.

What do you think? Would you consider using it personally? Anything weak?
Finally a word of warning: once, you get used to such a scheme, you will feel
uncomfortable with the default settings of most computer systems ;-)...

This scheme evolved a long way from KDE2 times, because I detest cold colors,
and find dark themes strenuous for my eyes after working for a few hours... I
never really got around to publish this thing until now, but I think, it is
quite usable now.


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