GNOME Shell instabilities... because of Geary?

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GNOME Shell instabilities... because of Geary?

Stefan Knorr
Hi all,

On my system, something occasionally makes GNOME Shell write out long
sermons in the .xsession-errors file. And I only notice that because
this behavior goes on until my /home partition is full, at which point
computer becomes hard to use.
Esentially, that behavior gives me multi-gigabyte ~/.xsession-error-0
files containing over and over the following line:

 > ** (gnome-shell:29369): CRITICAL **:
gtk_action_observer_action_removed: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACTION_OBSERVER
(observer)' failed

I suspect that this is related to my usage of Geary because that
is in general the least stable app on my system, but I don't
really know. (Geary 0.12.0, from OBS's GNOME:Apps -- and I am on
Leap 42.2, not on Tw)

Any pointers on how to best pinpoint this issue?

Ideally, I'd like to find out why this happens while it happens --
Currently, I don't even know where to report this - is this a GNOME
Shell issue? a Geary issue? maybe something else entirely, like a
Shell extension?
(I'd also love to keep using Geary because despite what it might be
doing to my system it's teh awesome.)


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