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Dominique Leuenberger-3

I know you are all eagerly awaiting it!


GNOME 3.6 (at least what has been released so far; official release date
is tomorrow, so there can still some more packages appear) has been
submitted and accepted into GNOME:Factory.


GNOME:Factory, as you all know, is the staging project where all
packages are being tested against each other and, once deemed working,
be forwarded to openSUSE:Factory, to be included into our next release
of openSUSE.

GNOME:Factory is NOT compatible to 12.2 (due to dependencies).

* BUT *

Don't be afraid just yet: All this great work has also been submitted
and accepted into a new repository GNOME:STABLE:3.6 (which, at this
moment, is not published; we will be doing at least a few integration
tests on 12.2 before crashing _your_ machine(s).) If all goes well and
may the OBS be with us (giving us the build power we need), this should
not take too long.

Once all this is ready, we'll let you know here again!


_YOU_ are really brave and don't mind crashing your machine... should
this happen, you are
a) capable of extracting log files (even if NO gui comes up
b) formulate readable bug reports
c) FIX the bug :)

then there is even a repository for 12.2 published (actually, it is
GNOME:STABLE:3.6 published in a different namespace). So if you feel
adventerous and comply to at least 2 of the 3 points above (:)), then
you are allowed to use the repository home:dimstar:broken on your
machine and get up to GNOME 3.6 (don't do this just now: the repository
is in a full rebuild due to the checkins!)


What? you want even MORE??? Well, formulate your needs, and we'll find a
way to make you work on them :)

After all, this is a community effort! We need YOU to make this all

Hope you're having a lot of fun!

The openSUSE GNOME Team


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