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Tomas Chvatal

as I was poked that there might be people interested in this even here
please read up and discuss on opensuse-factory mailinglist to avoid
cluttering. (Also there already is some discussion thus if not
subscribed check up the lists.opensuse.org archives)

Hello all,

as per $SUBJ all the packages that were in tumbleweed are properly
migrated to python singlespec and removed from the repository.

As such within a month +- we will delete the repository and keep just
one devel:languages:python.

Please if you have something that is of interest just move it (and if
applicable migrate to singlespec) and make sure it is submitted against

As a followup we will later try to reduce the failures and content in
devel:languages:python where plan is to keep it all in Tumbleweed and
maintained, while removing cruft that was just submitted to devel
project and never forwarded for openSUSE releases.



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