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English openSUSE wiki updated and moved home

Christian Boltz-5
Dear openSUSE Community,

the MediaWiki instance hosted behind en.opensuse.org has been moved from
the old Provo cluster to the new Nuremberg opensuse network.

Together with the move, the wiki also got an update from MediaWiki 1.22
to 1.27, and the VM hosting it from an old SLE version to openSUSE Leap
42.3 (yes, we are eating our own dogfood!)

New features are:
- including files directly from github
  -> https://en.opensuse.org/Help:GitHub_inclusion
- namespace-specific boilerplates (page templates) when creating new
  pages -> https://en.opensuse.org/Help:MultiBoilerplate
- better search (elasticsearch) - now searching all namespaces, but with
  different weight
- login is now done using the Auth_remoteuser extension - but still with
  your openSUSE login
- support for several map providers
- switched extension for RSS feed integration (this needs adjustments on
  the pages that include RSS feeds)
  -> https://en.opensuse.org/Help:RSS_feeds
- watching a category (when pages get added to or removed from it) is
  now part of MediaWiki core
- removal of Hermes notifications - MediaWiki's own notifications work
  much better

If you encounter any issue, please let us know by mail to
[hidden email].

We'll let the dust settle for some days, and plan to move and update the
localized wikis next week.


Christian Boltz
> New Versions usually bring bug fixes and security fixes.
...and new bugs. Funny how people tend to forget about that.
[> Michael Melcher and Michal Kubecek in opensuse-factory]

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