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Display managers, Wayland, middle-button paste

Roger Whittaker-2
Can anyone help me understand the full story about this?

I had until now resisted using plasma with Wayland, because I had
found that my years-old habit of middle button paste did not work.

But it seems that if the display manager used to start the plasma
Wayland session is gdm, middle button paste does work, but not if the
display manager is sddm.

Am I right in thinking that gdm and sddm are the only display managers
available in tumbleweed that can start a Wayland session?

Why does the difference referred to above exist?

And could there be a "neutral" (not associated with any particular
desktop environment) minimal display manager that would "do the right
thing" in this regard?

And - bonus points, if it could also support XDMCP (as kdm does, but I
think sddm doesn't).

Roger Whittaker
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