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Nelson Marques-3
I would like to inform of the following:

 1) Cinnamon has been moved to the X11:Cinnamon repository and will be
normally maintained;
 2) As the Cinnamon code base depends a lot on GNOME 3, to simplify
things, I've opted for the following repo layout:
     a) X11:Cinnamon  (empty repository)
     b) X11:Cinnamon:GNOME34 - Cinnamon releases compatible with
GNOME34 code base;
     c) X11:Cinnamon:GNOME36 - Cinnamon releases compatible with
GNOME36 code base;
     d) X11:Cinnamon:Factory      - Cinnamon development project for
openSUSE:Factory (if it happens);

Users who are relying on GNOME:Cinnamon should migrate to
X11:Cinnamon:GNOME34 as soon as possible, as GNOME:Cinnamon will be
disabled in the nearby future. There are currently no plans of
submitting Cinnamon to openSUSE:Factory since I'm not really
confortable with this. If it proves to be reliable, I'll submit it.

The current release available of Cinnamon is 1.5.7 (muffin 1.0.9) and
it's the preview of the upcoming 1.6 series.

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