British English translations in YaST and other openSUSE projects

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British English translations in YaST and other openSUSE projects

Stanislav Brabec

I just reviewed British English translation in YaST and other openSUSE projects.

Many years ago, somebody created British English translations. But these translations are abandoned for 3 to 18 years, and the translation coverage is very low. As a result, British openSUSE experience is inconsistent[1], contains lot of typos (e. g. consistently uses "bhaviour", somewhere you can find even invalid HTML). Even terminology is not consistent. See the screenshot of yast2 apparmor: AppArmor vs. AppArmour[2]. Additionally, it seems to be machine created with an incorrect algorithm (only first occurrence on the line is translated).

That is why I am proposing:

- Either somebody will pick maintenance of these translations.
- Or somebody writes some form of automated tool. It could be relatively easy.[3][4]
- Or drop these translations completely.

I can imagine automated tool that pre-fills translation with known English conversions, and if somebody edits string manually, it will left it without any changes.

[2] cid:apparmor-en-gb.png
[3] is a simple script, which covers nearly 100% of YaST. To be perfect for all purposes, it needs to cover e. g. I_nitialise or Co&lour etc. (But YaST generates hotkeys automatically.)
[4], but it does not contain some words in YaST.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
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