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BoF about ZYpp roadmap

Duncan Mac-Vicar P.

The level of maturity ZYpp reached in the last releases allowed us to
slow down development a bit and focus in other distribution areas.

On the other hand, we still get exciting stuff from other contributors:
last example is the new download backend to replace aria2 for openSUSE 11.4.

This BoF objective is to kick off a discussion, get interested people
together and gather new ideas for the roadmap.

As a starting point for thought:
- We see some opportunities. Ark Linux wanted to use ZYpp. MeeGo is
using ZYpp, but not yet committed to it.
- We would like to improve the communication with MeeGo, Ark and future
potential stakeholders in order to create a better community around ZYpp.
- Improving the PackageKit integration
- Making the stack to run on Fedora is missing only details: Plan to
port the stack to Fedora and keep it continuously running there (we have
some things already ongoing)

You can influence this discussion. It will take place on Oct 22, 2010,
11:15. For more information on how to attend the openSUSE conference,
please see

Duncan Mac-Vicar P.

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