Any users of libapparmor.a?

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Any users of libapparmor.a?

Christian Boltz-5

for historical reasons[tm] libapparmor-devel includes libapparmor.a.

My understanding of
is that static libraries, if packaged at all, should go into a
devel-static package, so the options are basically
a) drop libapparmor.a
b) move it to a (to-be-created) libapparmor-devel-static package

Now the question is: does someone need libapparmor.a?
(I checked the most obvious packages, and it seems they all link to

If nobody speaks up, I'll go the lazy route and just remove
libapparmor.a from the package.


Christian Boltz
In /etc steht, was Du denkst. In /proc steht, was das OS denkt.
[Thomas Blum in doc]

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