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Announcing new openSUSE Board Members

Andreas Jaeger-5
The election committee announces the three new members of the openSUSE
* Bryen Yunashko (non-Novell seat)
* Pavol Rusnak (Novell seat)
* Rupert Horstkötter (non-Novell seat)

These three will serve two-year terms beginning on December 22nd.

Stephen Shaw and Bryen Yunashko have completed their terms on the Board.
In addition to those seats, a new seat has been added to the Board
effective with the inauguration of the new Board.  The full Board will
consist of:
* Bryen Yunashko
* Henne Vogelsang
* Michael Löffler (chair)
* Pascal Bleser
* Pavol Rusnak
* Rupert Horstkötter

The election committee wants to thank Stephen Shaw for his tenure on
the board and the new board members Bryen, Rupert and Pavol for
stepping up and volunteering to serve on the openSUSE board.

To get in touch with the board send an email to [hidden email].

The next board election will be starting October 2010.

Andreas Jaeger
Member of the openSUSE Election Committee
 Andreas Jaeger, Program Manager openSUSE,  aj@{,}
  Twitter: jaegerandi | Identica: jaegerandi
   SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)
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