Announcing Vincent Untz as new openSUSE Board Charman

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Announcing Vincent Untz as new openSUSE Board Charman

Jos Poortvliet-5
This week Alan Clark announced to the openSUSE Board that he is stepping
down from his position as Board Chair. His duties in SUSE keep him
increasingly busy and SUSE has decided, after almost two years, the time has
come for someone else to take on his role.

So, after thinking about what skills are most relevant for the openSUSE
Board right now and who would fit in best, SUSE managers Michael Miller
(Marketing and Product Management) and Ralf Flaxa (Engineering) have brought
in former GNOME Foundation Chairman Vincent Untz to take on the role as
chair. The Board is very pleased having someone with the skills and
experience of Vincent on board!

Read more about this on our news site:
And the official announcement from SUSE:

Both Alan and Vincent Untz as well as number of the other openSUSE Board
members are at the openSUSE Summit right now. If you're there, go and look
them up for a chat about where openSUSE is going. If you can't make it, they
will surely be at the openSUSE Conference in Prague in October!

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