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Already posted wish for faster boot

Felix Rommel

Am Wednesday 01 November 2006 16:12 schrieb Hernán Lorenzo Fernández:
> I'm glad to see Michael James think the same way as me. About two days
> ago I've migrated from Suse 10.1 to Windows because Suse 10.1 takes to
> boot 4 minutes (not joking!) and Windows Xp about 1 minut (not joking!).

You don't have to do that drastic step. Try Ubuntu Edgy Etch (Gnome):

of Kubuntu Edgy Etch (KDE):

it boots very fast and it recognizes lots of hardware!

> I think one of the worst things about Suse is the TIME!
> The same happens when you run YAST. It is too slow.
> It is improductive. I hoppe next releases have "boot express".
> I tried to put it in a wish list but I couldn't; I don't understand how
> to send it to a wish list. Sorry about it.

I already posted a wish list in Novells Bugzilla:

>          Hernan Lorenzo F.
>       [hidden email]


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