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Akregator Misbehaving

Robin Klitscher-2
As of a couple of weeks ago I've had problems with the RSS feed reader
Akregator.  Leap 42.2, "KDE5/Plasma", Plasma currently at the 5.10
level, though the trouble started with Plasma still at 5.9.

The most recent Akregator version to behave properly was 17.04.1-22.2.
The errant version currently in use is 17.04.1-22.19.

On most occasions I get an error window on Akregator startup headed "XML
Parsing Error", with a message like "The standard feed list is corrupted
(invalid XML). A backup was created:

The three recovery options "Restore session", "Do not restore session"
and "Ask me later" are available, but none of them does anything beyond
opening the program to KDE feeds bearing no mention of or relationship
to my customized configuration.

When this happens, the active feeds.opml file is only 1 byte, without
content.  The promised backup is not a backup of my original feeds.opml
file, but only a copy of that same blank 1 byte file, which is of no use
to man or beast.

The only way I can restore the feeds to my developed configuration is to
use the program's inbuilt export/import utility to import a previously
exported feeds.opml file.  That done, the program works satisfactorily
and as expected.  But the fault recurs on most but not all occasions
when the program is closed and restarted.  Exporting the configuration
before closing the program and importing it afresh on the following
startup is possible, but it's a pain I can do without.

The only additional info I can provide is the further error message
detail: "XML parsing error in line 2, column 1 of
~/.local/share/akregator/data//feeds.opml: unexpected end of file".

But even when I import a feeds.opml file satisfactorily I can find
nothing at line 2, column 1 (nor anywhere else in the file) that would
account for this message.

So I'm stumped.  Has anyone else encountered this?  And if a bug report
is warranted, where best to send it, openSUSE bugzilla or KDE???

Robin K
Wellington "Harbour City"
New Zealand
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