Akonadi segfaults after suspend to disc in 42.3

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Akonadi segfaults after suspend to disc in 42.3

Stakanov Schufter
akonadi_pop3_re[4013]: segfault at 1c ip 0000000000426a3d sp 00007fff7e135618
error 4 in akonadi_pop3_resource[400000+48000]

This is unfortunately easily reproducible. Now the reason for me posting this
here is that, if I will post it to opensuse bugzilla stakes are high that I am
told that this is to be posted at kde bugzilla and kde bugzilla closes alle
Leap reports because the Kontact/Kmail version is too "historic" compared with
the current.
Since I do not know how far behind akonadi is to "current" I would like to
know if it is still worth to report a bug, or, if it is completely unnecessary
because of the above mentioned.
In case you like me to report it to opensuse bugzilla, you may indicate what
information to gather and especially where, as the above I find it in dmesg
(which is of course not really rich in information I guess).


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