Advise for cleanup the situation with postgresql-plr

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Advise for cleanup the situation with postgresql-plr

Bruno Friedmann-2
Hi All, first if there's one person to blame it's me :-)

In this repository

I maintain postgresql-plr package which was building with
script for all version of postgresql from 91 to 96.

As Factory as only 93 to 96 I wasn't able to submit directly the package
and then create a messy situation.
Later I discovered that for Leap 42.2 pg95 and pg96 becames available in oss-
update repository see my questions below.

Now as we don't have any target for postgresql < 93 I've clean up the
postgresql-plr package to only generate .spec file for valid postgresql
I also just finished to backport all changes needed to make it pure high class
package for factory.

So now I would like to resubmit the whole postgresql-plr to factory cleaning
any kind of strange devel link (for example s:d:p/postgresql96-plr is a link
to openSUSE:Factory/postgresql96-plr)

For me, actually my brain would understand it if:
s:d:p/postgresqlXX-plr is a link to s:d:p/postgresql-plr
and in factory and postgresqlXX-plr will become a link to factory postgresql-
and s:d:p/postgresql-plr is the devel package for Factory.

Perhaps in this part, I'm not 100% clear the way obs/factory work ?

So now the subtil path.
In 42.1, 42.2, 42.3 I have a postgresql93,94-plr package (in oss, or oss-
In Factory I also have a postgresql93,94,95,96-plr

I would like to change the devel package (would an appropriate submit request
do the job ?), and then the XX version will become back a link to the main
package. Will this take a new «eternal legal check» (no offense) ?

Leap update :
My bad, that I didn't realize before that 95, and 96 will be on update or oss
for 42.3 and 42.2.
So what's my best option (I know that I have to start a Maintenance Request)
but how to do that on non existing package ?

Thanks for the brave soul that would like to help me to cleanup the mess ;-)


Bruno Friedmann
 Ioda-Net Sàrl
 Bareos Partner, openSUSE Member, fsfe fellowship
 GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
 irc: tigerfoot

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