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Action-Required for Packagers re: /var/adm/fillup-templates move

Richard Brown
Hi Packagers,

As previously discussed on the opensuse-packaging mailinglist, we are
moving our location of fillup-templates from /var/adm to /usr/share

In order to do this as smoothly as possible we are using a new
%_fillupdir macro so spec files can inherit the new location, while
still defining the macro as the old location for older distributions
to not change anything there.

As promised, this is the official notification that the new
%_fillupdir macro is now present in Tumbleweed and should be used in
all specfiles instead of /var/adm/fillup-templates

The original plan was going to require all package maintainers to
modify their specfiles to use the new macro.

However, while taking care of the packages I am interested in for
Kubic I decided to do the work for all 207 affected packages.

So package maintainers, all you should have to do is review & accept
the OBS Submit Requests from me referencing boo#1069468, the tracker
bug for this issue.

The submit requests include the compatibility definition for older
Feel free to remove it if you do not need to build that package for
older distributions.

Please do what you can to accept and forward these requests to factory
as quickly as possible, especially for those packages also used by SLE
& Leap.

I am hopeful to get the btrfs subvolumes simplified once these changes
are complete, so I need your help to get these done promptly.

Thanks in advance,
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